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There aren’t many commercial HVAC companies that have their own engineering department. DMG provides this critical function to make certain that all MEP designs and drawings, are in accordance with the specific demands of the project. We offer assistance and add value in several ways to ensure that the quality and integration of any system is second to none.


DMG is proud to offer complete MEP design capabilities, and our on-staff engineers have expertise in all three disciplines. By delivering a complete set of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineered drawings, we provide a service that can often help our general contractors win jobs.

A great advantage of utilizing DMG engineering is that we have a good understanding of what things cost. This means projects are designed according to budget the first time, and the plans provided actually work.



Design build is a construction process that often takes professional engineers out of the equation. Most of the time, it involves MEP subs producing their own perspective trade drawings. Sometimes – but certainly not always – these plans are then stamped by an engineer. However, the engineer usually didn’t produce the drawings and may not have even reviewed them. In many cases, he is simply getting paid for his stamp.

DMG brings integrity and assurance to every one of our design build projects. This is because our drawings are produced, reviewed and stamped by a registered state of Texas engineer who is employed by DMG.



Design assist continues to gain popularity within the marketplace. Registered engineers are hired to produce drawings by the owner and architect. Subcontractors then provide design assist by meeting with the engineers during the drawings phase. The subs offer their knowledge and expertise in an effort to keep costs down.

DMG takes design assist to a whole other level because our “second set of eyes” is a registered engineer with an actual knowledge of costs and installation challenges. This means DMG’s engineer will often prevent conflicts or issues with the design during construction



It is important to retrofit existing systems to current codes or to update old technology. Once again, the DMG staff offers extensive knowledge in this area, combined with the expertise of registered engineers. This experience enables DMG to know the results of our efforts long before we ever begin the process of changing out the equipment.

Whenever possible, DMG’s goal is to offer our clients several viable options for retrofit projects. We provide options and suggestions so that customers can make the best decision within their budget.



DMG is always available to share its advice, knowledge and expertise with our customers. As a highly-respected HVAC contractor and engineering firm, we are often asked to provide objective third-party opinions.

We often work with business owners and insurance companies to generate reports and analyses. DMG has an emergency response team, traveling to catastrophes as needed to provide immediate onsite assistance and engineering services.