Southlake, TX

Westin Hotel - Southlake 

First-class, end-to-end HVAC solutions helped this upscale hotel promote tenant comfort and energy efficiency.

Value Delivered

Dallas Mechanical Group, Inc. (DMG) designed, built, and installed a first-class HVAC system for Westin Hotel Southlake that helped promote exceptional tenant comfort, as well as energy efficiency.

Client Objectives

Westin Southlake Ductwork_350x263.jpgThe client required a mechanical contractor capable of handling end-to-end HVAC solutions across a 261-room hotel with 34,000 square feet of meeting space.


During the project, DMG provided and installed the following:

  • Four dedicated outside air units
  • Two energy recovery ventilators
  • Seven roof top units
  • 42 fan-powered terminal units
  • Complete variable refrigerant flow system
  • 13 ductless split systems
  • Building exhaust fans
  • Five electric unit heaters
  • Six baseboard heaters
  • Six wall louvers
  • Kitchen exhaust and supply fans
  • New diffusers
  • New ductwork
  • 437 fire/smoke dampers
  • Cable-operated dampers

Additionally, our scope of work also included an energy management system and the installation of owner-provided kitchen hoods.

Client Background

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Westin Hotel Southlake is one of more than 242 properties operated by the Westin hotel chain—a subsidiary of Marriot International.