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DMG is truly a full-service commercial company, providing customers with a comprehensive array of services and solutions designed to manage and optimize every aspect of HVAC systems.



DMG has the expertise to deliver the design, procurement, fabrication, installation and startup of all types of HVAC systems. From simple ductwork jobs to complex, state-of-the-art VRF piping and installation, we have the know-how to complete projects on time and within budget.

DMG also offers a unique preferred vendor program which ensures that equipment and materials are delivered promptly at the most competitive prices – guaranteed.


DMG’s service department has both the experience and expertise to respond to any service-related problems in a timely manner so that equipment can be returned to full operation as soon as possible. Many of our techs are graduates of Oklahoma State University, Texas State Technical School and other recognized schools with strong trade programs.

In addition to exceptional service, DMG also offers a routine maintenance program to ensure that each HVAC system operates at maximum efficiency and lasts for years to come. DMG’s 15-step inspection process assesses every aspect of the unit to keep it running at its very best.


DMG has working relationships with all major manufacturers of controls. We partner with controls contractors to bring our customers the most effective, cost-saving, energy management solution possible. In addition, DMG service technicians are trained on all systems to navigate and troubleshoot as required.




DMG utilizes Alnor balometers to offer in-house, non-certified air balances. This ensures that the engineered, designed layout is delivering the correct quantity of air to each diffuser as designed. At the same time, it assures our customers that their system is installed and operating properly.

Our company also has established relationships with many independent NEBB and AABC balancing contractors, should any job require a third-party report.


DMG has an impeccable track record assisting customers with insurance claims. Should any HVAC system ever be compromised due to hail, lightning, smoke, fire or flooding, we have the expertise to evaluate the damage, and then develop a plan to repair or replace equipment as needed. We get everything back up and running in top shape as quickly as possible.

We’re also knowledgeable and experienced in working with insurance carriers. DMG has been 100% successful in justifying and assisting customers to get claims approved in a timely manner.